Repair Services

At Brown's Unique Products, we use only quality parts and install them with professional tool and precision. Why buy new when you can have your jewel repaired?

Brown's Unique Products has spent time and money to get the professional tools to do the job right. Time spent learning and researching each device is a large part of out training and you can be ensured that whoever here fixes your device, it will be done properly. We have spent the time and money so you do not have to.

Cell Phone / Tablet Screen Repair
What ever your screen issues, we have the fix. Which ever phone you have, we have the guys who can fix them. You can feel safe when you device is in our hands.

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Repair of Cell Phone Damage

Experienced cell phone technicians are standing by to address the following common problems:
Cosmetic Damage
Cosmetic Damage is damage to the beauty of your device. Cosmetic Damage can be the worst because it is not enough to require a new device, however, at the same time you do not want to see your device damaged after spending money to buy it. We can fix it and make you happy without purchasing a new phone.